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My name is Bea Duran and I’m honored to serve as your Assemblywoman in District 11! I served in the Assembly during the 2019 session where I championed legislation that benefits the hardworking families in our district. From raising the minimum wage to restoring prevailing wage on school construction projects to protecting Nevadans with pre-existing conditions from being charged more for health care, I fought for the hardworking families in District 11.


I understand the work that goes into supporting a family in our city. I moved to Las Vegas in 1985 and started working at the Four Queen’s Hotel and Casino as a waitress. I was a single mom with two young children and wanted to raise them in a financially secure home where they could see I was valued and respected in my job. So, in 1997, I helped organize our casino to have a union contract that provided health insurance, guaranteed wage increases, and a secure future for employees.


I joined the Culinary Union as a Grievance Specialist in 1999 and still work there today. In my career, I’ve helped workers fight injustices in the workplace and recover more than $1 million in wages. Every day I go to work, I fight for safe working conditions and fair workplace policies. I bring this same spirit with me to Carson City.


As your Assemblywoman, I look forward to continuing to make our district, community, and state a place where hardworking families can thrive.

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Instagram: @BeaDuranNV


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